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The most obvious way somewhere in life

This is the real life, this place tell you how to survive for live the people in this also under-education, not healthy live condition, economy as threat everyday, i travel this place in 2016 June, i'm solo female traveler at that time i can ease to adapt in this place because no arogant or show off people here. The most valuable thing i learned here you must gratefull for you current condition, there is a lot of people suffering out there. Never regret your life do you see people in this place so tired just to live day by day, and you regret your life ? that's is really bad.

A teeming city that is always busy fight for life day by day

Hello.. my name is Jordi Danki i was 29 years old, this place tenth place that i visited, the thing to remember is this place is always crowded with pedestrians, motorcycles, and cars. the place is experiencing poverty, everyone must struggle every day to survive in the next day, many small businesses are built every road sections. many people do not get a decent life, health is not good. This place is dirty far from the cleanliness of a lot of garbage scattered about, but life keeps going on here, people here never give up, always trying even if only for a day by day. This place inspires broad for me.

Most historic city with rare and prehistoric buildings

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Thoughts (and one wish) on my birthday

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