Who Am I

Hello. My name is Rachel Amanda. I"m Web Designer & Graphics Designer from United Kingdom, London. I"m currently working at Dropbox, Inc from 2012 until now. The daily basic job i do at Dropbox, Inc is to develop and mantain our current system that is built on large web stack. I"m grateful can working in this company, good salary, good teams, very good culture, many thing that is make my life more better and better. My day is always filled with deadlines are very short, but it kept me fighting spirit of this work because it is not much I can get a job like this. I know life not must be static, so i also a love to hiking, traveling, make a lot of selfi and many more fun things.

Google Science Awards Winning, 2004

University College London, Computer Science 2009

Topcoder #1 Bootstrap Expert, 2010


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